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Canyon Oak Contemporary King Upholstered Bed, Grey, Beige

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The elegant Fino contemporary bed – is a true pioneer in the world of interior design. This magnificent masterpiece, clad in shades of grey and beige, is not only a bed but an embodiment of innovation and luxury that stands alone in its uniqueness.

Gracefully adorning the bed is a stunning tufted beige velvet that graces both the grand headboard. Each touch of the plush fabric ignites a sense of lavish comfort, inviting you to indulge in its embrace and experience a level of luxury that transcends ordinary beds.

The bed's double headboard design is a gem of duality and harmony. A testament to the ingenuity of design, it bridges the gap between the rich Canyon Oak lacquer and the gentle beige velvet, creating a visual dance of contrasts that is both captivating and harmonious.

The allure of the Fino bed is further heightened by the chrome-accented legs that lend a touch of modernity to the classical charm of the design. These legs not only provide stability but also serve as an exquisite accent, tying together the various elements of the bed.

What truly sets the Fino bed apart is the exceptional quality of materials and construction, an ode to the legendary Italian craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Every inch of this bed speaks volumes about meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Available in the majestic King size, the Fino contemporary bed stands tall at 46 inches in height, measuring 86 inches in width and 85 inches in depth.

Dimensions: King: 46"H x 86"W x 85"D

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