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Mango Wood Console Table with Metal

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Enrich your home's aesthetics with our uniquely designed console table, destined to be the perfect accent piece. A wooden triangle harmonizes with a metal triangle, creating an angled console that exudes unparalleled allure against your sofa's backdrop or along a wall. The interplay of light-brown wood and black metal creates a captivating contrast, infusing a modern edge into the piece.

Standing tall at 32 inches with a length of 52 inches and a width of 12 inches, this table commands attention. Weighing 41.36 lbs, it's a testament to both form and function. The table's finish, a combination of painted and stained textures, highlights its innovative design. Crafted from mango wood, known for its quality, it seamlessly embodies contemporary aesthetics.

Dimensions: 12"W x 52"L x 32"H

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