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Silk-Lifelike Plant, Phal In Wood Planter, Arrangement, White & Green

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Bring the beauty of nature indoors with the stunning White Orchid Phal in Wood Planter from Exotics & Orchids. Each delicate petal and verdant leaf has been carefully crafted from silk to create a lifelike and almost-real appearance. The graceful phalaenopsis orchid, with its pristine white blooms, exudes a sense of purity and elegance, while the natural-looking wood planter adds an organic touch. Measuring 23 inches in height and 24 inches in width, this exquisite piece is perfect for adding a touch of tranquillity to any room. With its timeless beauty and low-maintenance design, the White Orchid Phal in Wood Planter is sure to bring joy and tranquillity to your decor.

Dimensions: 23″H x 24″W x 18″D

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