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Upholstered Square Loveseat, Off-White

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Product Details
Indulge in contemporary elegance with this upholstered square off-white loveseat. With its sleek and sophisticated design, this loveseat adds a touch of modern luxury to any living space. The exposed wooden legs enhance its visual appeal and create a harmonious balance between style and natural beauty.

Measuring 74" in width from side to side, 39" in depth from front to back, and 39" in height from bottom to top, this loveseat is perfect for smaller spaces or as a stylish addition to larger seating arrangements. Its compact size does not compromise on comfort, as the plush upholstery and cushioning provide a cosy and inviting seating experience.

The off-white colour of the upholstery exudes elegance and versatility, effortlessly blending with various interior design styles. Whether placed in a contemporary setting or a more traditional decor scheme, this loveseat complements any ambience with its timeless charm.

Dimensions: 74"W x 39"D x 39"H

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