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I#AR30152927  | Glass Art
Glass art for the modern interior, 47x37 inch.
I#YG13000 | Giclee, Canvas
I#YG45527 | Giclee, Canvas
I##D108 |  Triptych on Canvas
Gallery Wrapped triptych on canvas. Each of the three pieces measures 6" x 3" x 48". Hand Painted.
I#YG1BF027 | Giclee, Canvas620171030_223950
I#YG1TRU7 | Giclee, Canvas
I#DAL107 | Triptych on Canvas
I#YFED7 | Giclee, Canvas
I#FCC4261 | Original Canvas
D1.5 x W39.4 x H39.4
Post modern painting.
I#AR30152927 | Glass Art
Glass art for the modern interior, 47"x37" inch
I#323032 | Giclee, Canvas
Full Steam Ahead. A detailed, sepia toned depiction of the strength, development, and rugged individualism of America as a function of freight toil and industrialization. Mixed media adds 3D texture to the painting. This piece is framed with a floating frame in golden metallic tones.
I#3135 | Canvas
Calming hues and neutral colours make for an elegant, contemporary design - a soothing selection for any room.
I#FCS1203 | Giclee, Canvas
All the World’s a Stage!
I#YG13027 | Giclee, Canvas
Paris Piano…..images of Nina Simone sitting at her piano playing “My Baby Just Cares For Me”.
I#GAS0033| Giclee, Canvas
I#313061 | Giclee, Canvas
Waiting for an Adventure…This painting plays with lights and shadows to draw focus onto both the blues found within the boat and the sea, but also contrast those elements with that of the sun, the sky, and the clouds.
I#ARTAFF022 | Giclee, Canvas
This elephant seems to have wandered through some fantastical magic…His happy little smirk is a perfect touch this painting on canvas. This piece of artwork would make an ideal gift or wall adornment for your own living space
I#DCF26 | Giclee, Canvas
I#GCANVAS0013 | Giclee, Canvas
i#FCS1251 | Giclee, Canvas
Color and character define this wonderful piece of artwork. Take home this painting on canvas to enjoy in your home or office today.
I#UNCANVAS0014 | Unique Work, Canvas
I#GHCANVAS0012 | Giclee, Canvas
I#GAS0012 | Giclee, Canvas
I#CA16888 _ Unique Work
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