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20" x 20" | Pillow Cover, Neutral, Brown, Blue

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Introducing our exquisite collection of transitional style pillow covers, inspired by the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship. These pillow covers are a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements, designed to elevate the aesthetics of your home decor.

Crafted with care in India, using high-quality cotton material, these pillow covers are a testament to the exceptional artistry of Indian artisans. The intricate details and delicate patterns on these pillow covers showcase the skilful craftsmanship and attention to detail that India is renowned for.

Featuring a neutral colour palette with tones of brown and blue, these pillow covers bring a sense of warmth and tranquillity to any space. The harmonious blend of earthy hues and serene blues adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home decor, making this pillow covers a timeless addition to your interior design.

Measuring 20" x 20" in size, these pillow covers are designed to fit most standard-sized pillows, making them versatile and convenient for various uses. Whether placed on your sofa, chair, or bed, these pillow covers are sure to enhance the visual appeal of your space.

Made from premium cotton fibres, these pillow covers are soft, breathable, and easy to care for. The natural properties of cotton make these pillow covers gentle on your skin, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience.

Indulge in the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian textiles with these exquisite pillow covers, and transform your home into a haven of style and elegance. Add a touch of Indian artistry to your space with these stunning pillow covers and experience the charm of Indian craftsmanship in every detail.

Generic Size : 20" x 20" Pillow

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