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59"x 39.3" | "Overpass" GC Painting, Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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Indulge in the dreamlike and romantic ambience of this stunning wall art on canvas. The scene depicts a long bridge standing resolute over grey, misty waters on a cloudy, overcast day. In the fresh, dewy morning, a few cars drive along, adding a sense of movement and vitality to the scene.

Measuring 59 inches in width, 39.3 inches in height, and 1.5 inches in depth, this artwork commands attention and becomes a captivating focal point in any home or office space. Its combination of ocean and cityscape creates a mesmerizing view that will effortlessly complement any interior decor.

As you gaze upon this breathtaking artwork, you can almost feel the mist in the air, hear the sound of water lapping against the pillars of the bridge, and sense the serene tranquillity of the scene. It's a perfect escape to a world where nature and urban life coexist in perfect harmony.

Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or office, this beautiful wall art will evoke a sense of wonder and wanderlust, transporting you to a captivating world of romance and serenity. It's dreamlike quality and mesmerizing imagery will inspire your imagination and captivate your senses, making it a perfect addition to your home or office decor.

Dimension: 59" W x 39.3" H

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