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Bas Rug, Blue, White Earth Tones

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Introducing the contemporary winter colours Bas Swirled Spiral Design Pattern Rug, a captivating piece that brings together the beauty of nature and the sophistication of modern design. Inspired by the tranquil hues of winter, this rug showcases a mesmerizing blend of blue, white, and earth tones, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere in any space.

Crafted from 100% polypropylene, this rug combines durability with softness, making it a perfect addition to your home. Its machine-woven construction ensures precise and intricate detailing, bringing the swirling spiral design pattern to life with remarkable clarity and depth.

With a low pile, this rug offers a sleek and refined texture, making it easy to maintain while still providing a comfortable surface for your feet. Its thickness of 0.12" adds a subtle layer of cushioning, enhancing your overall experience and creating a cosy ambience in your living space.

The rug showcases a harmonious combination of colours, including ivory, medium grey, charcoal, dark brown, and dark blue. Each shade is carefully selected to create a balanced and sophisticated palette that adds depth and visual interest to your room.

This rug is proudly made in Turkey, a testament to the country's rich tradition of craftsmanship and artistry. Contemporary elegance meets the serene beauty of nature, resulting in a truly captivating showpiece for your home.

Dimensions: 6'7"W x 9'H

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