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Escamas Large Floor Vase, White & Grey

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Product Details
Infuse your living space with a dynamic and contemporary vibe with these textured ceramic extra-large floor vases in white and grey tones. Available in three sizes, these vases are designed to make a striking statement and elevate your home decor to new levels of sophistication.

The colour combination of white and grey tones adds a modern and stylish touch to these floor vases. The textured surface enhances their visual appeal, creating a unique and captivating look that effortlessly catches the eye.

Choose from three different sizes to suit your space and design preferences. Whether you opt for the small, medium, or large size, these vases are guaranteed to become focal points in any room. Their impressive stature and attention-grabbing textures make them ideal for creating visually stunning displays that enhance the overall aesthetics of your living area.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these ceramic floor vases offer both style and versatility. Their textured finish adds depth and dimension, while the white and grey tones create a contemporary and on-trend colour palette that easily blends with various interior styles.

Embrace your creativity as you experiment with different arrangements and fillings for these floor vases. Showcase tall branches, dried flowers, or decorative foliage to create visually captivating compositions that reflect your unique taste and personality.


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