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Lissa Geo Rug, Deep Teal

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Introducing the Contemporary Lissa Geo Rug, a gem of contemporary design that showcases elegant simplicity and minimalist charm. This deep teal rug effortlessly captures attention with its understated pattern and rich hue, infusing any space with a sense of sophistication.

Crafted from 100% wool, this rug offers a luxurious combination of durability and natural softness. Hand-loomed with meticulous care, it exemplifies the artistry and craftsmanship that only skilled artisans can achieve. The wool fibres create a plush medium pile, providing a comfortable and inviting surface that beckons you to sink your feet into its sumptuous texture.

The rug features a subtle yet captivating pattern that adds depth and visual interest without overpowering the space. Its deep teal colour evokes contrast and elegance. The teal brings a touch of opulence to any decor. creating a deep ambience that transforms any room into a haven of refined style.

With a thickness of 0.59", this rug adds an extra layer of cushioning, enhancing your comfort and creating a plush feel underfoot. The canvas backing ensures stability and durability, keeping the rug in place even in high-traffic areas.

Proudly made in India, this rug showcases the rich textile heritage and craftsmanship of the region. Each rug is a testament to the time-honoured techniques and attention to detail passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

Elevate your space with the Contemporary Lissa Geo Rug, where contemporary sophistication meets minimalist elegance. With its luxurious wool construction, refined design, and serene teal hue, this rug is a true statement piece that effortlessly enhances the ambience of any room.

Dimensions: 6'7"W x 9'H

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